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Brands That Are Good Feel For Us

As a result of the research done by Sia Insight, the brands that are good for people are listed! Let's take a look at these brands together.

Automotive industry
BMW, a German company, leads the list in the automotive industry. In the second and third places, there are other German brands, Mercedes and Audi. The rest of the list includes Ford, Toyota, Renault, Volkswagen and Honda, respectively. According to these results, the best brands in the automotive industry come from Germany.

Household appliances
When we look at white goods, Arçelik has a clear advantage over its competitors. Arçelik is followed by Bosch and Beko.

Small Home Appliances
Arzum is the leader in this category. While 21% of consumers prefer Arzum, other users prefer Arçelik and Philips, respectively.

When we look at the ready-to-wear category, users say, "Good thing there is LCW!" it means. LC Waikiki is at the top with 32 percent. The next brand is Koton, Mavi, Zara and Nike.

Cosmetics & Personal Care
In the cosmetics and personal care category, Avon is the most preferred brand, while other participants prefer L'Oréal, Gratis, Flormar, and Nivea, respectively.

In the electronics category, Samsung makes a significant difference compared to its competitors with 31 percent. Other participants prefer Apple, Arçelik, and LG brands, respectively.

Mobile phone
When we look at the mobile phone category, we see that users prefer iPhones. There are many factors here. After the iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi followed respectively.