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How Should the Digital Strategy Be?

The digital world is getting hotter and competition is increasing day by day. Of course, there is an increase in the budgets spent in direct proportion to this. Therefore, it is very important to create the right strategy in the digital world. The first step to consider before planning your company's strategy is why people are digital. We can give many examples of this.

  • Contact
  • To enjoy
  • Making Difference
  • To learn
  • To express
  • To earn money
  • Curiosity

Based on these examples, you can shape your digital presence. The purpose of people being digital is pretty much clear. What about yours? What is your company's promise and how can you convey it to people/customers? You should think about it first. Do you want to increase the sales of your company, get more recognition, or localize in your desired location? There may be different reasons for being like this, and you should pay special attention to these situations because depending on them, many variables from your content production to your advertising expenditures will be affected. Another situation is that you have to decide where you will position yourself in digital. There are many digital tools and social media depending on the service you provide. It is very important to choose the digital medium in which you can express yourself most appropriately. Another point we will focus on is the target audience. The value your company actually produces has a direct target audience. The issue in digital is how to reach the target audience. Many marketing strategies can be designed for this. The important point is how your target audience wants to be reached or how can you reach them. By advertising, by showing you value your customers, or by meeting them directly? Let's take a closer look at these three topics.

Reaching customers with advertisements is actually a way we are used to in traditional marketing, but the understanding of advertising has also changed in the digital world. Advertising needs to be more creative and instill confidence. The internet environment is changing very fast now. Everything can go out of fashion at any time. That's why smart advertising work is required. People are exposed to thousands of advertisements on social media, and among these advertisements, there are very few memorable studies. Therefore, you need to set up your digital advertisements correctly and share them at the right time.

Showing that you value your customers on social media is actually a very comprehensive field. So much so that you can show that you care even by replying to a tweet. This will do your direct marketing. For example, although we do not see as much as before,

“How many likes does my tweet get, will you gift me this necklace?” In the answers given to users who sent messages such as "If we get 2,000 likes, we will send it", the user would share this message and ask people to like the post, and generally likes would come. Maybe if he had posted a tweet promoting the necklace that the brand would send, it wouldn't have gotten as many likes and wouldn't have been able to appear in front of that audience. We can present many such examples. There are many ways to meet customers directly. Here, my personal opinion is that many, if not all, brands can create a community and organize meeting days accordingly. Now our topic is digital, but we talked about meeting face to face. The point to be considered here is what your customers will share on social media. By making them feel like they belong to the brand, you both increase customer loyalty and your customers market you digitally in a natural way. Here you can organize your brand days and create a community. There are actually much more detailed points in reaching your target audience. Digital ads are perhaps the most effortless here. Don't be fooled by what I said effortless, there are too many variables here. The location of your brand, the age, education, gender, habits of your target audience, and which social media they use more heavily are all separate topics and should be examined separately. 

Another point we will examine is to understand and convey user experiences correctly. Here, you should be yourself in your customer's place and you should position the customer's equivalent of what you are trying to market.

Your customer's satisfaction is more important than anything else in the digital world because you may face an avalanche of lynching as a result of a bad experience your customer will share on social media. We all more or less guess that the best work on this subject is on Amazon. I think we often come across Amazon's thank you messages that are shared on social media every day. Jeff Bezos, the founder of the company, clearly stated Amazon's sensitivity to this issue with the following words. “If you make a customer unhappy in the physical world, they will share it with 6 people. If you make a customer unhappy in the digital world, they will share it with 6,000 people.”