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Social Media Management

Social media management for companies should be examined under certain headings and strategies should be created according to them. Here are the situations you need to determine first:

  1. Do I need to be recognized on social media?
  2. Do I want to increase my sales or do I want to be recognized?
  3. Will I set up a department for social media management or work with companies?
  4. What is my budget?

Strategies to be formed according to the answers to these questions are important. For example, if you have a grocery store, you do not need to promote the products you will sell. You are already a buyer and the original brand needs to market it. What matters to you is the location of your business and your individual communication with your customers.

In addition, if you are a company that produces shoes, for example, there is a completely different way for you. Not every brand is on social media to increase their sales. It is important whether you want to be recognized here or increase your sales. In another topic, apart from the others, if you can't spare enough time or set up a department, you should leave your social media management completely to a professional company because according to social media algorithms, there are two most important situations.

  1. Continuity
  2. Originality

If you cannot do these two situations or manage the process, it would be better to work with a professional team. It would be more accurate to wait for a result according to the budgets you will allocate. The important point here is that you have an idea of how much budget your competitors allocate. For example, if a competitor is advertising for 100₺, you have to spend 110₺ to get in front of it. As you can see, the budget you will allocate here directly depends on the situation of the competitors.